June Jun 2024

Is Black Tea Good For Colds

Does Black Tea Aid In Getting Through A Nasty Cold? It is one of the worst feelings to have a runny nose that is often followed by a sore throat. This would often lead to fever if not attended to and taken care of. Bacteria would build up near the tonsils causing added problems. Consuming a hot beverage is very effective and simple, to say the least. A hot cup of Black Tea possesses many more benefits in addition to...
June Jun 2024

The Worlds’ Largest Tea Bush

Back in the early ’60s, there was something truly magical about a certain bush on an estate located in the rolling hills of Haputale in the Uva region of Sri Lanka (Formally Ceylon) called Pitaratmali Estate. This garden was owned by 2 plantation companies in Ceylon named Ceylon Tea plantation Company Ltd. and The Ceylon Proprietary Tea Estates Company Ltd. It stood there, proud and majestic, amid a field of bushes; each seemingly competing for space, but this one was...
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