June Jun 2024

Is Black Tea Good For Colds

Does Black Tea Aid In Getting Through A Nasty Cold?

It is one of the worst feelings to have a runny nose that is often followed by a sore throat. This would often lead to fever if not attended to and taken care of. Bacteria would build up near the tonsils causing added problems. Consuming a hot beverage is very effective and simple, to say the least. A hot cup of Black Tea possesses many more benefits in addition to the warming and soothing effects.

Black Tea has anti-inflammation properties from the polyphenols present in them. This aids in the treatment to relieve the dryness and itchiness of the throat which often follows a runny nose. One would often try, and clear the nose and throat making slight bruises to the inner parts of the throat. A steaming cuppa of Black Tea will soothe and treat it. The 3 cups a day routine often does the trick. After meals have a cup of Black Tea 3 times a day for a shorter downtime.

Black Tea has very potent levels of anti-viral properties. Consuming Black Tea with lemon amplifies the antiviral properties even more. Remember to add a squeeze or two of lemon juice to your next cuppa of Black Tea. This will help aid in the destruction of the total virus population in your body. Furthermore, toxins in your system will also be eliminated by cleansing the gut which is an area in which large amounts of toxins accumulate over time.

Black Tea possesses high levels of antioxidants that help our body’s system. Poisonous and undesirable elements, that have entered the body, are eliminated.

Vitamin B
Black Tea is a very good source of Vitamin B, which helps with the body’s immunity. If you are down with a cold, flu or even fever keep in mind to drink Black Tea regularly to assist your body with recovery.

How to Amplify Black Teas’ Ability to Fight Colds!

Add a few squeezes of Lemon into a steaming cuppa of Black Tea and increase the active compounds that aid in the fight against colds coughs and sore throats to balance it out without adding any type of refined sugars make it a point to add nature’s Honey bounty.

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