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The rich heritage of tea with our exceptionally crafted blends

The uniqueness of Prestige Ceylon Teas lies in our exquisite flavor profiles, which are results of meticulous cultivation at high altitudes in Sri Lanka. These teas boast a delightful balance of strength and aroma, often enhanced by the island’s ideal climate and rich soil.

Renowned for it’s briskness and nuanced notes, Prestige Ceylon Teas embody a tradition of quality craftsmanship and a heritage deeply rooted in the island’s tea culture.

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Ceylon Tea Assortment


Step into the world of Ceylon Tea, where tradition meets excellence in every leaf.”

Black Tea

Prestige Black Tea is special for its robust, bold & full-bodied flavour

Organic Tea

Our Organic Teas are certified and internationally accepted.

Green Tea

Our Tea stands out for its exceptional flavor & health benefits.

Spiced Tea & Floral Tea

We make unique blends with spices, herbs and dried flowers with health benefits.

Silver & Golden needles

Our Silver Tips & Golden tips are incredibly aromatic & carefully chosen for our clients.

“SETH” Brand Ceylon Tea– Exclusive brand of Prestige Ceylon Teas

“SETH” Brand Ceylon Tea is our primary brand certified by Sri Lanka Tea Board with the prestigious “Lion Logo” & processed under strict hygienic conditions.

“SETH” Brand Ceylon Tea caters to both traditional tea lovers and those seeking new and exciting flavors, making each cup a luxurious and memorable experience.


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Customer Reviews

I’ve tried “Seth” Ruhuna Tea which is an extraordinary variety. I loved every sip of it.

Linda Reid

Tea Tester

I recently purchased Uva Tea from “Seth” Brand. This is the best tea which I’ve ever tasted in the recent past..

Camilla V.


“Fast delivery, excellent packaging & high quality products, The tea has a lovely flavor. This is a must go place if you are interested in or want to discover teas!

Wendy Rose

Tea Tester

“Reasonably priced too. We’ll definitely be coming back! Lovely, clean environment and delicious bubble teas! Very cozy as well – I would recommend to everyone.”

Flance W.



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